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  • The experienced team of One Team has effectively supported the image of ROYAL CANIN ® through its contribution in the sectors of Preparation and Crisis Management & Publicity.  
    Irini Tatla Central Southern Europe- Corporate Affairs Director
  • Oneteam has once again  proven to be a key strategic and creative partner, this time with  the  implementation  our CSR program, ENA POTIRI GALA GIA KATHE PEDI. With demonstrated hard work , passion and cooperation the CSR program was completed on time and accurately.  
    Xrysa Kentouri Corporate Communication & CSR
  • Having worked for years with One Team I can confirm it has the appropriate expertise and competence in Communication, Media & Public Relations. Moreover it has considerable expertise in the digital environment that is constantly changing where the requirements to adapt to the new data at a faster pace are more evident than in the traditional media.    
    Axilleas Aggelopoulos Country Director BCS Greece